Product Development Service

Inhaler3Pparts7Ppart6PPart12 has extensive knowledge and experience in Product Development - taking the product from its first design iterations through testing and change modifications throughout its development phase until it meets all the requirements specifications.
The product Development phase requires a lot of Prototyping, testing, data gathering reports and summaries / conclusions resulting in Engineer Change requests ECR to the product design.

Product Design
- Expertise in modifying the product design for the manufacturing process. DFM
Product prototyping and testing
- Source and build of prototype parts and lab testing.
Product Testing
- Testing the Prototype models in the lab
Test Data Gathering and Reports
- Gathering the test data, compiling it into reports and summaries
Design Reviews
- Reviewing the Product design for improvement changes based on the Test results
Engineering Change Requests
- ECR's to modify the various product parts for the improvements based on the test results
Product Re-test
- Prototype the new improved product parts and re-test the new iterations to check that the Design changes have the desired effect.

Project development


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